JM Orthotics was founded by John & Mike (hence the JM) back in 2002. It is a small family business (they are brother-in-laws) that focuses on providing quality, unique products primarily for the podiatry profession.


John Ballantyne, BS, C.Ped

John Ballantyne was an engineer in Salt Lake City working for an international engineering consulting firm. Providing a strong background in development and problem solving, the two partners went to work for about a year before the first orthotic was sold.

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Michael Rushton, DPM

Mike Rushton is in private practice as a podiatrist in Baker City Oregon. Frustrated with the orthotic companies he was using, Dr. Rushton wanted to create a custom molded device that could be dispensed quickly and economically.

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When designing the first style, the goal was to create a thin, strong device that would fit in any shoe and be heat moldable to fit exactly to the patient’s foot. The challenge was material. Everything they tried was either too weak or would not mold at a low enough temperature.
After some initial testing and several failures, they came up with something new. It worked, in fact it worked so well that John had to quit his job to run the company. They started in the basement of John’s house working 14 hour days to fill orders. When they moved into their first office, the challenge was finding the time to move. There were several employees coming to work every day at the house and no one had time to move the equipment.
Today with several thousand customers they are growing and developing new products that are the best in the market for medical professionals. Now there are various other family members working for the business as we grow. We hope you enjoy our orthotic devices.


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