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Sport ZX (Narrow Shell)

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Semi-rigid narrow shell with a hand ground extrinsic post made of EVA/Crepe. Covered with a smooth fabric cover and 1/8 EVA padding.

Also Available in Shell Length


Size A B C D E F G H I
Mens 5 – 5.5 6 – 6.5 7 – 7.5 8 – 8.5 9 – 9.5 10 – 10.5 11 – 11.5 12 – 13 14 – 15
Womens 6 – 6.5 7 – 7.5 8 – 8.5 9 – 9.5 10 – 10.5 11 – 11.5 12 – 13 14+

2 reviews for Sport ZX (Narrow Shell)

  1. Dustin raines

    Awesome product helps my feet and back everyday. Is there a way to order these direct from you guys?

    • JM Orthotics

      Hey Dustin,

      We are happy to hear that you like our products! Unfortunately our orthotics are only available through practicing podiatrist and other licensed professionals. If you are interested in another pair then your doctor can call us and order anything you see on this site! Thanks again for your comment (:


  2. Crystal Allison

    My 10 (now 11) year old son has been wearing these to help him get over Sever’s. He’s an INTENSE soccer player. He plays a lot and he plays HARD. We bought a pair for his cleats and another for his tennis shoes he wears to school etc. After a few months of aggressive treatment wearing these everywhere and also PT and eventually a even brace, the Severs seems to have resolved without him having to take a break from soccer. BUT we have already purchased four pair of these because he literally wears a hole through the top of them where his heel rests on the insole. With the hole it, it sure seems he’s not getting the support and cushion he needs so I get new ones and use the worn ones in his ‘walking around shoes’ and until he wears them completely out. He’s been using these since March and we’ve already purchased 4 pairs. My question is…do you have something that is sturdier that can stand up to the rough use by my son. First it wears the black cover layer, then down into the foam. I hate to not use these since I want to protect his foot, but my goodness this is getting EXPENSIVE. Wondering if you have a more durable solution. Gave them 3 stars only because they are not holding up. I know my kid plays hard, but these are labeled ‘Sport ZX’ so I would think a ‘sport’ insole would be engineered to withstand more intense use. More pounding etc. If these held up longer, I’d give them 5 stars. Thanks for your help!

    • Gage Miller

      Hi! It sounds like you son has a lot of energy. There are a couple of options. The most important part of these orthotics is the plastic shell. That is what provides the support and the stability, the top padding is just padding. So once the top cover wears off you can just slide the plastic shell under the shoes existing insole. Another option is custom orthotics. They can be made with materials that will hold up better to your sons activity level.
      We are moving to a better top cover padding material, but I’m not sure when they will cycle into production.

      Thanks again!


      JM Orthotics

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